At Guill, excellence begins in our own Technical Office, where we give life to the prototypes that precede each innovation or improvement in our range of vertical carousel packaging machines for medium and high productions.

Our specialized design technicians use 3D CAD software, which allows us to create precise mathematical models of three-dimensional objects and shapes. These models are the basis on which we meticulously design and model our mechanisms using cutting-edge technology.

This approach enables us to simulate movements, design mechanisms and produce technical documents of the highest quality, optimizing the manufacturing of the hundreds of components that we assemble in our assembly phase.

The ability to validate our designs digitally not only reduces development time, but also the consumption of material resources and the generation of waste associated with manufacturing physical prototypes.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that 100% of the process, from conception to final design, is carried out internally in our Technical Office. This vertical integration allows us to innovate with quality and guarantee excellence in each of the equipment we create for our clients.