The development of industry 4.0 has established a key concept in the current technological field: the IoT (Internet of Things). This system of computing devices, capable of transferring data over a network without the need of interaction between people, or between people and computers, presents innumerable benefits at operational levels. Among them, it improves efficiency by the immediacy of information, cost savings and process optimization. This is how, inherently, various intelligent solutions are born.

At Guill, we understand the importance of providing services that help clients optimize and solve their problems. Connectivity through industrial IoT for support allows to standardize and to improve exponentially the diagnostics, maintenance, and performance of industrial machinery.

That is why, based on the best industrial technology, we have two options for the integral solution of incidents:

  • Remote intervention via an industrial router

    Guill provides the option of incorporating a router into your machines for an improved technical support service when solving incidents during the usual operation of the machine, as well as small program modifications. With this option it will not be necessary to have any other element or license other than an internet connection. This way, our technical office will be able to operate remotely with the possibility of visualizing the status of the machine (PLC errors, active recipe, real-time variables, etc.) and modify the PLC program, HMI, and Variators, if required.

  • Remote intervention with full machine access

    In case of not having the Router option, or if the intervention requires major configuration changes due to modifications in the machine, it is possible to perform remote assistance, always considering a series of requirements. For new machines:

    – Computers with software and license TIA PORTAL + StartDrive Advanced (Siemens) version 17.
    – Computer with TeamViewer and internet connection.
    – Connection cable from the computer to the PLC. Attention, the communication bus for PLC’s before 2020 Profibus and then Profinet whose connectors are different.

    Conversely, if the machines are old, you must have:

    – Computer with SIMATIC MANAGER (Siemens) version 5.7 software and license
    – Computer with TeamViewer and internet connection
    – Connection cable from the computer to the PLC. Attention, the communication bus for PLCs before 2020 Profibus and then Profinet whose connectors are different.

    In each of the cases, it will be necessary to provide the machine serial number so that our engineers can verify the necessary software and cable before the intervention, thus offer the best IoT technical support.

    In this way, with industrial remote access, regardless of location or time zone, connections can be easily established to solve any problem, obtaining intelligent solutions, and achieving benefits in the operation.

    In the same way, our customers will be able to optimize resources, obtaining information from the machines in real time to gain efficiency, optimize energy consumption and process the data to integrate them into their ERP, obtaining total traceability, among other advantages.

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