GUILL can work with almost any type of film coming from reel. However, being sustainability a driving factor by consumers in their purchasing decisions, we have adapted our portfolio of machines to run with paper-based packaging material, usually 90-100 gr/m².

Because paper-based packaging is recyclable and is being recycled, it has the lowest risk of going to landfill. If still ends up in nature, it will disappear within months as paper biodegrades naturally without leaving a trace on the environment.

Having said that, some types of plastic packaging have gone greener. Most bioplastics are biodegradable in a short time or even compostable under certain conditions.

As the industry participates and evolves from this debate, we at GUILL embrace the power of circular economy based on the policy Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Besides the type of film, we make our contribution to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Existing GUILL VFFS machines can be retrofitted and upgraded to use paper film.
  • We encourage remote communication via modem for troubleshooting works, thus saving for unnecessary trips.

  • Smart motorised unwinders to reduce film waste when format changeover.

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