Our Flat Top bag machines models TKR, KR and KRB can operate with fully recyclable and even some biodegradable films, including the following:

  • Monomaterial polymer films with a minimum thickness of 50 microns: this material is not only highly resistant, but also completely recyclable.
  • Heatsealable kraft paper: paper with a water soluble heat sealing coating with a total grammage of 90 gr/m2, this paper is an excellent option for those wishing to highlight their brand and emphasize their commitment to sustainability.
  • Polymer-coated paper : polymer barrier properties, separation of the two layers to facilite recycling, possibility of a die-cut transparent window.
  • Kraft paper with barrier polymer in a 95/5 ratio: with a grammage of 84 gr/m2, it falls into EU fully-recyclable category. This option combines polymer barrier protection and full recyclability of paper.

These solutions contribute to circular economy models and packaging waste reduction with no penalty on machine speeds, and they do not require any special design adaptations on Guill machines.