Guill engineering department continues to innovate in design and manufacture of packaging machinery, including corrosive and abrasive products such as salt and sugar. 

  • Special frame and components made of high quality chrome and molybdenum enriched steel: such alloy which is often used in underwater structures offers high protection against corrosion when packing chloride based products such as salt, bicarbonates, etc…

  • Focused aspiration systems can be added in the filling unit enclosure as well as on the caroussel gussetting station, for minimisation of dust contamination around and inside the machine.
  • Surface treatment with a sand blasting technology: smooth, uniform surfaces which do not require painting.

  • Long-term guarantee of perfect operation: this machine concept, together with the traditional durability of our machines, is guaranteed even for such corrosive and abrasive products.

  • Suitable for the use of an environmentally friendly polymer film: even on kraft paper with moisture barrier. 

From the design and engineering of our products to the manufacturing and assembly processes, we ensure that each of our packaging machines meets the highest quality standards.